Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This week I was listening to some beautiful music by the famous King's College Choir, and I started to wonder about how much time they spend practicing.

I looked it up and saw that the older members have daily practice and the younger members have TWO practices a day.  Wow.

The rest of us don't live at boarding schools, so it isn't feasible to practice with our fellow choir members every day.  But practicing alone is really beneficial.  Doing it daily can be a challenge, though.

What are some times during that day that be good for practicing?

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  1. Joan, I'm not the strongest alto and I can't read notes but I love to sing (support)so I volunteer to fill in...I'm a fill-in alto for a praise team. There are usually three sopranos, three tenors and three altos. The regular altos have strong voices and I catch on fast so if they sing it right, I can follow. When I'm called to fill in, I practice every morning and evening on my 45 minutes commute to and from work. And when we have an occasion like an Easter or Christmas Cantata, I practice day and night for months, until I get the feeling of, "If I hear that song one more time...!"