Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Anybody have a choir sing at their wedding?

Choir is my life, so when I got married in 1998, I knew that I wanted to have a choir sing instead of a soloist.  I put together a choir of friends and family from various churches, chose some songs, and had choir rehearsals in preparation.  On the big day, my brother directed the choir and they did a beautiful job.

These are the songs they sang (in order):
I was looking on YouTube for any videos of gospel choirs singing at weddings and I found a few, but I didn't see a very wide range of song selections.  They were mostly doing gospel songs from movies (Oh Happy Day . . . Joyful Joyful . . . ) or else they were singing pop songs.

What would be some other gospel songs for choir that would be a really good fit for a wedding?

Also, if you have been to a wedding where a choir sang, whether you were a guest, a member of the choir, or the bride/groom, I would love to hear about it.

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