Monday, April 1, 2013

Cool video: Church of Apostolicity choir

I was at a Regional Fellowship Service last month and one of our own newsletter readers, Sis. Angela Whitfield, was featured in the service with the choir she directs from the Church of Apostolicity (The Apostolic Doctrine) in Los Angeles.  I wish I had been thinking faster and pulled out my iPad sooner because I missed the opening section of the medley of spirituals they were doing.

Angela started out a few years ago with no choir directing experience.  She was working with people who were new to choir singing and they didn't have a musician.  The results you see here clearly show the time and effort that they have put into their ministry and how Angela has grown as a director.  They still sing all a cappella, and now they're not sure whether they even want a musician. :-)

(By the way, the preacher who comes up after them is my dad.  He was emceeing the Fellowship Service that night.)

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